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Accommodations for Out-of-Town Guests Coming to Beverly Hills


To facilitate the conversation with your doctor, we request that in advance of your appointment, you send photos of yourself and any prior medical records, such as operative reports or imaging. Our staff will get you connected through our Klara app, our secure messaging platform that allows you to send us messages and upload files or photos. Using Klara is as easy as sending a traditional text message.

For our out-of-town patients, there are two options for consultation:

  1. Come to our office in Beverly Hills and have a consultation with one of our plastic surgeons. Then return at a later date for your surgery.
  2. Text photos through Klara with comments about the things you'd like to improve. Our doctors will review your photos and assess if you are a good candidate for the surgery in which you are interested. Our patient care coordinator will then contact you with an estimated range of costs for the procedures and can also discuss pre-operative care, recovery, and local accommodations, as well as answer any other questions related to your procedure and stay in Beverly Hills. When you book your surgery, we will schedule you a face-to-face consultation with your doctor at a designated time prior to your surgery.
Cassileth Plastic Surgery & Skin Care

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Scheduling Your Procedure

Once you have decided to proceed, a 20 percent deposit is required to reserve your surgery date. The balance for your surgery is due two weeks before your surgery date.

After you schedule your surgery, we will text you pre-operative instructions and consents. This packet must be read carefully and instructions followed closely. Details of any blood work required and related medical testing will be included in this packet.

Two weeks before your surgery date, one of our medical staff will contact you by phone to review your instructions and go over your health history.

Flying In

Local Airports

Private Airports

Our closest airport is LAX. It is approximately 20 to 40 minutes from our office, depending upon traffic. You must arrive one to two days prior to your surgery date. At a designated time during this period, you will meet with your doctor. This is a great opportunity to go over the details of your procedure. Surgical consents will be signed at this time.

Your Recovery

We require that patients who are flying in for surgery spend at least one night in an aftercare facility to ensure that they receive any necessary medical attention. We will help arrange your stay. We recommend the surgical aftercare facility at Palladium Aftercare.

Your nurse will be available by phone 24/7 for your entire first few weeks after your surgery. You will return to our office to visit your doctor and, depending on the procedures performed, you can expect to return home seven to 14 days later.

We advise that you make your primary care physician aware of your surgery and have him/her available to follow up with you once you return home. Your health and safety are our main concern. We are proud to have clients come to Cassileth Plastic Surgery from all over the world, and we look forward to helping you transform your dreams into reality.


Cassileth Plastic Surgery & Skin Care

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